Welcome to Aquaficial’s #myAquaficial Instagram Contest


Here are the AquaOfficial rules:

From July 1st until the end of December there will be different contests.

It could be the best photo of the month, most shares, most likes or most votes.

The winner gets to choose any accessory he/she wants ! 🙂

Plants, Coral, Characters, Stones, Sea creatures or whatever else you choose!


January’s contest:

1. Post a photo of your tank on Instagram.

2. Tag it with #myaquaficial

(with your profile set as public – so we can see it 😉 )

3. Mention us @aquaficialaquariums

4. Follow us

And your in! 😀

Our Aquaficial Team will choose the tank with the best design.

It doesn’t have to be the one with the most accessories, it just needs to looks great!

The best photo will be added to our Gallery and the winner will get to choose any accessory from our store.

Good luck!