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How often do I have to change the water?

You don’t have to. Just use distilled water and because there’s no fish or fish food, no algae will grow.

What does each tank comes with?

Our tanks come with built-in L.E.D lights with 5 different colors to choose from. The lights are the same with each tank but will reflect differently depending on what color accessories you have inside.

Each tank has 2 air pumps located on opposite sides of the tank, creating a current in the water – so the movement is always random and never the same. That’s what makes the jellyfish swim and look so realistic.

It has a built-in 4 hour timer and you can even choose a background image if you like.

It’s great for a child’s room, for your office and your home! Place it near the fireplace, in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or anywhere you desire 🙂
Our small tanks can work on double A BATTERIES so you don’t even have to rely on a power supply…

There are 2 kinds of jellyfish:

The clear jellyfish and the glowing jellyfish.

The clear jellyfish will change their color with the lighting.

The glowing jellyfish glow at night and you can choose the color of each individual jellyfish.

All the Jellyfish are made out of high quality silicone and will leave everyone wondering if they are real!